Thursday, December 1, 2011

Upcoming: DayBoyNightGIrl by Kirk German, Workshop Performances by DA! Theatre Collective, St. Stephen's School, December 17 and 18

Received directly:

DA! Theatre Collective proudly presentsDayBOyNightGirl Da Theatre Collective


a work in progress production

script KIRK GERMAN choreography LISA DEL ROSARIO original score JUSTIN SHERBURN

featuring Robin Grace Thompson, Jude Hickey, Jacob Trussell, Rhonda Kulhanek, Scott Roskilly, Taylor Kulhanek, and guest artist Kyle Housworth

conceived and produced by DA! Theatre Collective under the direction of Heather Huggins

Sat, Dec 17th @ 8 pm, Sun, Dec 18th @ 4 pm
Helm Fine Arts Center, St. Stephen's Episcopal School, 6500 St. Stephen's Drive, Austin, TX, 78746 (click for map)

TICKETS $10 - $25 (sliding scale) via BuyPlayTix **Free Admission for the St. Stephen's community**
For more information:;; tel. (512)699-5427

DAYBOYNIGHTGIRL is an interdisciplinary adaptation of The Romance of Photogen & Nycteris, a magical tale written by Scottish author George MacDonald in 1882.

This project started with an idea: can we thread three distinct forms together to bring Photogen & Nycteris to the stage. To test our hypothesis, DA! commissioned choreographer Lisa del Rosario, composer Justin Sherburn, and playwright Kirk German. Each artist focused attention on the character of Nycteris ('Night Girl'). Nycteris is part of a mysterious sorcerer's experiment in which she is raised in captivity, never setting foot outside of her chambers or seeing until one evening when she escapes from the castle walls to discover the uncharted world beyond: the wind, the gardens, the night sky.

In April 2011, we hosted our initial work in progress production, inviting community members to dialogue about this first part of Nycteris's story. The audience shared that our integration of forms was not only working, but that they (like us) desired an even greater synthesis.

This month we will again open our process and invite audiences to dialogue, this time about the first part of the Day Boy's story, while also refining and improving upon the work from our initial showing.

Just 2 performances, each followed by a talk-back! Then join us again for the full length version at The Rollins this June! We hope you'll join the conversation!

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