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Upcoming: Viper Vixens of 2012, Electronic Planet Ensemble at the Vortex, January 13 - 29

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Electronic Planet Ensemble Austin TX


Melissa Vogt-Patterson, Joanna Wright, Christine Leidel (image: Electronic Planet Ensemble)

Viper Vixens of 2012

The Apocalypse Never Looked so Good. . . a Silent B-Movie Spoof with Live Music

January 13-29, 2011 Thursday-Sunday 8 pm

The VORTEX, 2307 Manor Rd. (click for map)

Tickets:$30-$10 or 512-478-LAVA(5282)

$30-$25 Priority Seating, $20-$15 General Admission, $10 Starving Artists; Thursdays and Sundays 2-for-1 admission with donation of 2 non-perishable food items. Limited seating. Advance purchase recommended. Three weeks only at The VORTEX.

Free Parking. Bus Route. The Butterfly Bar with beer, wine, and tasty snacks.

Embracing the conspiracy furor around the long-awaited End of the World in 2012, Electronic Planet Ensemble presents Viper Vixens of 2012, an over-the-top multi-media, movie spoof with original live music in the tradition of silent films and B-movie science fiction. The film has female nudity in a fantastical setting.

Join Electronic Planet Ensemble as they tackle every 2012 End of the World theory from Planet X, Planet Nibiru, and the Anunnaki to Mayan Calendars and the rise of Quetzalcoatl. Three human women are transformed by mad science into the part-Anunnaki Viper Vixens. With the immanent awakening of the plumed serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, the human race is in peril. The evil Viper Vixens are destined to take over the world unless the heroes of the Mexican Air Force can defeat them.

From the creators of Planet of the Mermaids, Surfin’ UFO, and SPACEMAN:DADA:ROBOT, Viper Vixens of 2012 story is written by Chad Salvata with cinematography and digital imagery by Sergio R. Samayoa. Electronic Planet Ensemble is Sergio R. Samayoa, David Jewell, and Chad Salvata, with Doug Marcis.

Viper Vixens of 2012 stars Melissa Vogt-Patterson, Christina Leidel, and Joanna Wright as the Viper Vixens. Featuring David Jewell as Xavier Xuthus (Trillionaire Mastermind), Heather Barfield as Zoe Xuthus (the Psychic), Betsy McCann as Elsa Von Krause (Director of Project Vixen), Helen Hutka as Kitty Kelly, Matthew Patterson as Guy Savage, Gabriel Maldonado as Angelo Reyes (Captain of the Mexican Air Force), and Andy Agne as the Anunnaki. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony. Costume Design by Trudy Martinez. Makeup Design by Helen Hutka. Miniatures by Ann Marie Gordon.

An International Mail Art show in The Butterfly Bar @The VORTEX displays mail art on Viper Vixens of 2012. International Mail Art Show: CALL FOR ENTRIES on the theme VIPER VIXENS OF 2012. All pieces received will be exhibited.

Send mail art to: VIPER VIXENS OF 2012, 8003-B Tisdale, Austin, TX 78757 USA Deadline: January 13, 2012

Electronic Planet Ensemble is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division. Produced in association with VORTEX Repertory Company.

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