Sunday, December 18, 2011

Upcoming: Earth Beat Life New Year's Eve, Blue Theatre, December 31

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Blue Theatre New Year's Eve 2011-2012

Earth Beats Life:

Blue Theatre Annual Fundraiser Party!

916 Springdale (click for map)

New Year's Eve, December 31, 6 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Come One; Come All To The MARVELS of CARNIVAL
. . . .
A night of Carnival is always a whimsical affair
filled with bevies of burlesque beauties
remarkable human marvels
bizarre sideshow wonders
and all the sights of the cabaret artistique.
. . . .
This NEW YEAR'S EVE, we transform the BLUE THEATRE into the deep, dark, mysterious world of Carnival. We invite you to step into our whimsical carnival playground of delights.
. . . .

999 Eyes Freak Show
Sky Candy Aerialists
Minor Mishap Marching Band
Interstellar Transmissions
Savonne the Minx
Ciara Blossom
Holding Space
The Wave Farmers
and Iris the Artiste
. . . .

Cocktails and Carnival Desserts courtesy of TITO'S HANDMADE VODKA and APHRODITE DIVINE CONFECTIONS.

Tickets Are All-Inclusive and include: admission, bar, carnival eats and games!

$30 Door


Oddities, Curiosities, the strange, the bizarre, and the beautiful...999 EYES Vaudevillian Freakshow is the last genuine traveling freakshow in the U.S. featuring authentic human oddities, an authentic freakshow museum, Lowrent the Clown, and LIVE music from their dark carnival jug band -That Damned Band. SEE THE HISTORY AND PRESENT OF FREAKSHOW!

Sky Candy Aerialists presents Chelsea Laumen on Silks. Chelsea Laumen is a professional performance artist, teacher and community activist. An integral part of the Birimbau Academy of Capoiera, Chelsea has served as a co-choreographer, core artist, student and also teacher of the Afro-Brazilian martial dance form in her beloved New Mexican community.

Savonne The Minx is a versatile-vixen who can point tootsies en pointe, tappa-tappa tap dance, and saunter and twirl to a mishmash beat. A magnetic medley of the magical kind let her exceed your expectations, unbind your boundaries, and find your fancies. Savonne danced with the award-winning dance troupe, Eye Candy Burlesque, and has performed everywhere from Kansas City to Little Rock.

Ciara Blossom, a.k.a. the Hula Hoop Enchantress specializes in spiral seduction with 2 tiny fire-hoops, and the smooth fluid movements of L.E.D glow hoops. Armed with a giggly golden smile, ornate handmade costumes, and wicked sick tricks to mesmerize and inspire audiences long after the show is over.

Strawberry ignites her hoops of fire to manipulate the flame through play and dance. This fire twirling Sprite is sure to delight!

Iris the Artiste transforms into the bodyart painting Gypsy who won't tell you your future but will help create one with you. Just give her a section of your body, details of your New Year's Resolution and let the creation begin.


MINOR MISHAP MARCHING BAND is a renegade brass band- Bourbon Street meets Budapest. An absurd expression of boisterous pandemonium and washboard-tuba-punk-rock ridiculousness: fun, loud and in the streets.

INTERSTELLAR TRANSMISSIONS is carnivalesque Shamanic Tribal Rock Fusion blending exotic sacred healing scales and frequencies with dynamic fast changing, primal rhythms. Let them take you on an epic journey of the soul that encompasses a vast spectrum of emotional depth, magic, excitement and color.

THE WAVE FARMERS cover a wide variety of sonic landscape from glitchy/psychedelic downtempo to electro-acoustic breaks. With collective music releases on Psymbolic--sounds, Organic Records, and Latchkey Records, The Wave Farmers is sure to bring you a night of experimental crossover electronic jam music that is not to be missed.

HOLDING SPACE adds the triply elements of Jazz Psychedelic Funk.

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