Sunday, February 7, 2010

Upcoming: FronteraFest Best of: A, B, and Wild Card, Hyde Park Theatre, February 9 - 13

Just posted by Hyde Park Theatre: jury's picks for Best of FronteraFest 2010, to play in two bills, plus a Wild Card Night:

Bill A -- Tuesday, February 9 and Friday, February 12

Consultant for Hire, by Max Langert (ASW Commission). Hire me!

ms, by Molly Fonseca. A one-person play that explores the journey of accepting a diagnosis and offers a turn towards hope.

Excerpts from Things in Life, by Ben Prager. Three time Best-of-Fest winner Ben Prager performs comic monologues that portray with unblinking realism “ordinary” Americans, excerpted from his 2010 Long Fringe show. In 2009, Things in Life was nominated for three Austin Critics Table Awards. Directed by Wynne West.

The Mommy Confessions: An Excerpt, by Rhonda Kulhanek . Three mommies confess their stories of motherhood revealing the truth about what it takes to be a mommy --- an excerpt from the hilarious one-woman show playing at FronteraFest Long Fringe.

Saint Matilde’s Malady, by Kyle John Schmidt. A swashbuckling new play about rage, love, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Directed by Elizabeth C. Lay.

Bill B - Wednesday, February 10 and Saturday February 13

Seamstress, by Kenneth Wayne Bradley (ASW Commission). A one woman show featuring Melanie Dean, directed by Ellie McBride.

Here, Nigger, by Roger Reeves. A short play that begins with a prank: one seventeen-year-old boy finds a Ku Klux Klan robe in a wood while hunting and wears it to spook his best friend. However, the robe has a mind and will of its own. In this play, the American legacy of race holds hostage even the most sacred of friendships. Directed by Kyle John Schmidt.

The Wussy Boy Manifesto: Episode Five: The Wussy Boy Strikes Back, by Big Poppa E. Three-time HBO "Def Poetry" veteran and National Poetry Slam Champion Big Poppa E performs new works about growing beards, making sweet love, and the joys of pubic hair. His hilarious poetry has garnered eight Best of Fest finishes in seven years, and this time, he's bringing presents for everyone.

I'm not a writer . . .but I got a story to tell, by La Tasha Stephens. You see these people every day. They make you laugh, grab your wallet, drop your eyes…. To you, they’re part of the landscape. But what if one day, the landscape talked back? Ain't that some shit?!?! Co-directed by Wendy Bable.

The Bitter Poet's "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Cafes, Strip Clubs and Black Box Performance Spaces," by Kevin Draine. The Bitter Poet performs an excerpt from his Long Fringe show of the same name - a collection of darkly humorous satirical guitar-driven poems about searching for True Love and the contortionists you meet along the way!

Wild Card Night, Wednesday, February 11

Parents/Kids Dance Party, by Michelle Flanagan in assoc. w/ Rubber Rep. 3 sisters, 4 daughters, 2 moms, and a grandma GET DOWN!

Spit, by Evie Worsham aka June Doe. Short stories that are rare, incorruptible, striptease views of the inner workings of my heart, after all the therapy.

Growth (Danny Strack) will showcase a set of poems on the topics of time, space, sex, relationships, and how they all fit together.

Cathy Dresden Sings for Her Supper, by Joe Hartman. Join Cathy Dresden, that singer with a heart of gold and pipes to match, as she gamely makes her way through the mid-west of 1959 with pianist Jerome Tolliver in tow. It's "Swellegant"!

Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints, by Annie La Ganga. Spoken word artist and writer Annie La Ganga performs a collage of monologues and poems about awkward grieving, bad judgment, and important stoners. A range of voices that are funny, depressed, deluded, idealistic, cynical, wise, compassionate, and warmly bitchy tell the story of a person determined to make a good life out of her creative mistakes, family traumas, and clumsy relationships.

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