Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buried Child by Sam Shepard, City Theatre, February 4 - 21

Tom Waits’ discordant, sardonic music is a perfect match for Sam Shepard’s Buried Child. The program doesn't credit anyone, but City's artistic director Andy Berkovsky tells me director Caleb Straus made the choice. Like Tom Waits, Shepard brings us into a world of discord and grotesque despair. He creates a distorted vision of the all American rural idyll.

Think you’ve had a tough time visiting the prospective in-laws? Forget it. Shepard topped your experience, all the way back in 1978, just as Waits was stumbling into alcoholic stardom.

Vince and Shelly take a road trip, heading through Illinois, the heart of America, on their way to New Mexico for an unannounced visit on Vince’s dad. Shelly puts up with Vince’s enthusiasms and anecdotes about this school, that playground and his other narcissistic memories, and then they pull into the drive of a ramshackle farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Into the middle of a very bad dream.

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