Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Upcoming: Tax Seminars and Guidance for Arts Professionals, Texas Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts, March 29

Information received directly;

Austin-area arts professionals are eligible for pro-bono help with tax matters, offered at a seminar scheduled for Monday, March 29, by TALA, the association of Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts.
This service is co-sponsored by the Austin Music Foundation.

The seminar is expected to be free for TALA members and for non-members, but advance registration will be required. Details have not yet been posted on the TALA website, but organizers are currently planning to have an evening session at the Austin Community Foundation, 4315 Guadalupe, Suite 300.

Here's a description of similar seminars already announced for Houston:

Individual Income Tax Seminar for Artists

TALA is pleased to offer two seminars this tax season for individuals needing information on filing individual tax returns and answers to tax questions. These seminars are structured with artists in mind and will address common concerns artists may have about hobby loss, and other IRS regulations pertaining to creative practice. Michele Stanton, CPA, will present the same seminar in both February and March. Michele is a long-time TALA volunteer and experienced CPA who often works with individual artists through TALA. Both seminars are free and open to TALA members and non-members, however advanced registration is required. Please see the form below to register for one of the seminars.

More about TALA:

Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) was formed in 1979 to meet the legal and accounting needs of artists and nonprofit organizations. TALA volunteers throughout Texas handle more than 350 matters per year. This amounts to more than six hundred thousand dollars annually in donated services to the arts and cultural community.

TALA provides free legal and accounting services to arts nonprofits and artists from all creative disciplines, including visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, film makers and writers. Over 600 attorneys and accountants donate their time to artists and nonprofit organizations who are unable to afford professional services. Without TALA, their problems would remain unresolved and their interests unrepresented.

Our services include lawyer and accountant pro bono assistance, dispute resolution services, educational programs for the artistic and business community, publications, and a resource library. Programs are designed to help artists apply legal and accounting concepts for their benefit. Your membership dollars provide for TALA's small staff, office facilities and insurance coverage necessary to coordinate and support TALA volunteers.

Click here to learn about how to receive services from TALA.

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