Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Macbeth, Austin Drama Club, February 4 - 20

Sarah England's opening turn as the witch in Macbeth for Austin Drama Club felt so, so right. She's one witch for three, huddled over a trash can lit from below and sporadically spouting CO2 smoke. Her cutting voice and spooky moves make you see that she believes, believes that there is dark magic at work here.

That belief is the underpinning for the Austin Drama Club, an almost inexplicable group of devotees to the dark art of theatre make believe, folks intent on pondering many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.

Or not so forgotten. ADC under Japhy Fernandes' leadership is in its fourth season now in their quasi-hideout on East 7th street between the Texas State Cemetery and Huston -Tillotson University, and they are well into a twelve-play season for 2010. This Macbeth is the first of eight major works by Shakespeare. They did Oedipus Rex in January and in non-Shakespeare months they plan to do Brecht's Mother Courage (next month), Peter Shaffer's Equus (September) and Molière's Tartuffe in November.

No other theatre in town has a schedule that comes even close to that level of challenge and commitment.

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