Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upcoming: Macbeth by Austin Drama Club, February 4 - 20

UPDATE: Click for ALT review, February 17

Received directly:

presents from its repertory

Wm Shakespeare's


February 4 - 20
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m.
at the usual coven and castle off E. 7th Street (contactjaphyfernandes@live.com)
Donations accepted

This is our fourth time to rep the show. Japhy Fernandes directs and plays Macbeth. Ellen Fernandes returns as Lady Macduff. Russell Shugart returns as Macduff. Christopher Harris returns as the Thane of Ross and the Porter, Casey Allen returns as Lennox and voice of demons. Teddy Fernandes joins the cast as Malcom. Java is our new Banquo. Sarah England is our new Witch/Doctor. India Rainey is our new Lady Macbeth. Thatcher Fernandes joins the cast as Fleance/Hecate/Macduff's Son. We trade in our swords for golf clubs and hand guns. Scottish colors and patterns abound.

Here's the promo by Steven H. Shirey for our 2007 staging:

macbeth promo

Steven H Shirey | MySpace Video

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