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Capital T Theatre Austin TX
2014 Theatre Season

Gidion's Knot Capital T Theatre Austin TX
Gidion’s Knot 

 by Johnna Adams
Directed by Lily Wolff

January 20-February 8, 2014 at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre

Over the course of a 90-minute parent/teacher conference, a grieving mother and an emotionally overwhelmed primary school teacher have a fraught conversation about the tragic suicide of the mother’s son, the teacher’s student, Gidion. Gidion may have been bullied severely — or he may have been an abuser. As his story is slowly uncovered, the women try to reconstruct a satisfying explanation for Gidion’s act and come to terms with excruciating feelings of culpability.

“heart-stopping…the show has pathos and suspense in bucketloads…Within a lean 80 minutes, the show raises profound questions about parenting and education and documents the gut-wrenching force of maternal loyalty.” —Washingtonian

Gregory Moss’ fast paced & hilarious history of 80′s punk rock and coming of age

punkplay Gregory Moss Capital T Theatre Austin TX

Directed by Mark Pickell

May 29-June 21 at the Hyde Park Theatre

A history of America in the 1980s, an idiosyncratic genealogy of punk rock music, and a personal narrative of growing up as an outsider, punkplay is a mix tape tribute to the excesses and energy of adolescence. Mickey, a thirteen-year-old suburban misfit, is befriended by an angry runaway named Duck. Together, the boys attempt to reinvent themselves using punk rock, but as reality threatens to crash in on them, their fabricated world of amped-up music and shocking band names becomes just as oppressive as the society they’re desperate to reject.

“[A] brilliantly funny dissection of adolescent grasping for identity … In scenes as rat-a-tat as a Ramones track, the two battle over band names, experience their first porn and hero-worship their local idol… Did we mention this all takes place on roller skates?” - Time Out Chicago

In staccato scenes inspired by punk anthems, Moss captures the clammy intensity of adolescent bonding: arousal by contraband porn; battles over band names; preening in search of authenticity… [It's] political satire meets Pee-wee’s Playhouse.” -The Village Voice

Austin premiere of the Pulitzer Prize nominated play from UT graduate Lisa D’Amour

DetroitDetroit Lisa D'Amor Capital T Theatre Austin TX

by Lisa D’Amour

Directed by Mark Pickell

August 21-September 13 at the Hyde Park Theatre

In a first-ring suburb just outside a city that might be Detroit, Ben and Mary see sudden signs of life at the deserted house next door and invite their new neighbors Sharon and Kenny over for a barbecue. As the action unfolds we learn that Sharon and Kenny met at rehab, neither is employed, and they don’t own a stick of furniture. The quintessential American back-yard party turns quickly turns into something more dangerous—and filled with potential.

“…totally nails the great, deep malaise of middle-class suburbia, with a sustained energy and a wicked eye for telling details…funny as hell.” —NY Post

“…sly, timely and neatly surprising…very much an of-the-moment American play” —Time Out NY

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