Friday, November 8, 2013

Austin Auditions for Little Mother, a Silent Performance Piece, Paid Positions, November 21, 2013

Little Mother Katie Green
(image via Katie Green)

Katie Green of Cruel Company is holding auditions on November 21 for the revised, expanded premiere of last year's Frontera Fest workshop of Little Mother to be produced on the outdoor stage of the Vortex’s Butterfly Bar March 6-9 (Break for SXSW/Spring break) and March 21-24. This play will also be produced in NYC during the same time by another company. Cast and crew positions are paid.

Little Mother is the story of a young woman who must prostitute herself to provide for her paralyzed husband and newborn child. In order to escape her bleak circumstances, Little Mother develops a rich inner life—the love story of an elephant and rooster—with echoes from her past. Will she succumb to her own fantasies, or prevail through reality? Little Mother is a multimedia silent film for the stage told through physical acting, shadow puppetry, text, and live musical performance of an original score.

RING MASTER: male, late 20’s – late 40’s, the ring master of the circus Little Mother once performed in. He is pragmatic and cold with a weakness for young girls.

STRONG MAN: male, 25 – 35, Little Mother’s husband. Formerly the strong man of a circus, now paralyzed. He is protective and kind, and would be devastated if he knew his wife’s profession.

“After not being blown away by anything at this Frontera Fest, a thirty-minute silent piece has turned me into a blubbering mess. Well done all of the extremely talented people behind Little Mother.” – Ryan Johnson, Austin Lifestyle Magazine

I need two assistants. I am open to job titles, if one person wants to be SM and one ASM, or someone wants to be AD and the other SM. Cast and crew will receive cash stipends. If you’re interested, email me ( your resume, and we’ll set up a time to have a cup of coffee and talk.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR or STAGE MANAGER: attend all February rehearsals and the March performances, video tape rehearsals (camera and tripod provided), offer feedback, help orchestrate the storytelling of the play (moving text cards, guiding audience members to multiple staging areas)

STAGE MANAGER or ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER: Attend some February rehearsals and all March rehearsals and performances, run the projector during performances, flip lights off and on (no light board, just plug and go), ask potentially noisy bar patrons who are not there for the performance to please keep their voices down and silence cell phones

Rehearsals will be light in January, moderate to heavy in February, and tech week is the first week of March. For your audition, please prepare a 1-2 minute non-verbal story. You may bring your own music. Please emphasize character and objective, and use your body primarily for storytelling. Auditions will take place at SPACE recording and rehearsal studios (7915 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745 - click for map) from 7:30-10:30 pm on Thursday November 21. Please email Katie ( your headshot and resume to sign up for a 10-minute slot. Scripts will be emailed prior to auditions.

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