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Profile: Two Beards Theatre Company by Donna Marie Miller, Austin Fusion Magazine, October 2013

Austin Fusion Magazine

Two Beards Theatre: Young Friends to Co-Producers

by Donna Marie Miller, October 16, 2013

Jacom Henry, Andrew Robinson (photo: EmbreeWeaver)
Jacob Henry, Andrew Robinson (photo: Embree Weaver)

A boyhood friendship that began more than a decade ago ignited a business partnership between the co-producers of Austin’s newest artistic troupe, Two Beards Theatre Company.

The founders, Andrew Robinson and Jacob Henry, teamed up to create Two Beards this fall and their first show, “Mr. Marmalade,” opened Oct. 4-5 at the hip East Austin Salvage Vanguard Theatre. The performances, which ran through Oct. 12, impressed the local community, according to comments left on the theatre company’s website. [Click for review by]

The 2006 play, written by Noah Haidle, combines humor with shock appeal – a 20-year-old actress played Lucy, the articulate four-year-old who dreams up an imaginary friend, an abusive businessman plagued by anger issues and addictions to pornography and cocaine.

With the production, Robinson says he and Henry vowed to “wow” their audiences. To do this, Henry narrowed his set design color choices to just two from the Crayola 100-crayon box selection — red and blue. Lighting designer Dylan Rocamora added profound hues to the stage’s ethereal scenes. This created a deeper and richer “out-of-this-world” experience for theatregoers.

“Since both Andrew and I were raised here, we knew that we wanted a show that was kind of edgy and weird,” Henry says. “It’s a great script and a great story that fits Austin.”

Robinson and Henry have worked together since attending Westview Middle School and John B. Connally High School in Northwest Austin. Henry, who is a year older than Robinson, was enrolled in seventh grade when Robinson started sixth grade at Westview.

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