Friday, November 15, 2013

Austin Theatre Makers: Your Chance to Get the City to Pay Attention to Your Value for Tourism, December 7, 2013

From the Austin Creative Alliance:

Cultural Tourism Meeting In a Box
Share your thoughts on the Cultural Tourism Plan
The City of Austin is seeking input from various local artists, arts groups and producers to provide input on:

1) How to engage new audiences
2) How to align tourism initiatives with local arts stakeholders
3) How to empower local practitioners to participate in tourism initiatives
4) How to maximize cultural tourism opportunities year round

Come give your ideas and suggestions into this process. Only we can speak for ourselves and remember, the world is run by those who show up.

Cultural Tourism Plan Information Gathering Session
Saturday, Dec 7, 11am to 1pm
Dougherty Arts Center Theater
RSVP to for "will attend" only

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