Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Winners of 2012-2013 B . Iden Payne Awards for Theatre Arts, Austin

Winners announced during the ceremony at the State Theatre, Austin, on November 5, 2013:

B. Iden Payne Awards
2012 – 2013 Season


Outstanding Production

Playground Superhero Pollyanna Theatre Company

Outstanding Direction

Judy Matetzschk-Campbell Playground Superhero

Outstanding Performer
Toby Minor (Kobyn) Playground Superhero

Outstanding Production

Avenue Q Austin Theatre Project

Outstanding Direction

Rudy Ramirez (write-in)

Outstanding Lead Actor

Andrew Foote (Tateh) Ragtime: The Musical

Outstanding Lead Actress

Michelle Haché (Princess Ida) Princess Ida

Outstanding Featured Actor

Nathan Jerkins (Lexy Mill) A Minister’s Wife

Outstanding Featured Actress

Libby Dees-Detling (Mae) Reefer Madness: The Musical

Outstanding Production

Qualities of Starlight VORTEX Repertory Company

Outstanding Direction

Rudy Ramirez Qualities of Starlight

Outstanding Lead Actor

Toby Minor (Theodore Turner) Qualities of Starlight

Outstanding Lead Actress

Liz Fisher (Kelly) The Pain and the Itch

Outstanding Featured Actor

J. Ben Wolfe (Mr. Hadid) The Pain and the Itch

Outstanding Featured Actress
Chris Humphrey (Mrs. Steve Powers, announcer) Brides of the Moon


Outstanding Production

Slowgirl,  Hyde Park Theatre

Outstanding Direction

Rachel Wiese The Man Who Planted Trees

Outstanding Lead Actor

Jason Newman (Doug) Gruesome Playground Injuries [Capital T]

Outstanding Lead Actress

Molly Karrasch (Becky) Slowgirl

Outstanding Featured Actor

Ryan Hamilton (Jesse Bandel, Teddy Ray Harrington) Just Outside Redemption

Outstanding Featured Actress

Beth Broderick (Harlene Corf) Just Outside Redemption


Outstanding Set Design

Ann Marie Gordon      Qualities of Starlight

Outstanding Lighting Design

Jason Amato     Water

Outstanding Sound Design

Robert Fisher    Slowgirl

Outstanding Costume Design

Carl Booker      Little Shop of Horrors

Outstanding Music Direction

John Vander Gheynst    Little Shop of Horrors

Outstanding Dance Choreography

Toni Bravo    Earth

Outstanding Fight Choreography

Toby Minor    Coriolanus

Outstanding Original Script

Gabriel Jason Dean     Qualities of Starlight

Outstanding Original Score
Chelsea Manasseri, Rudy Ramirez, Melissa Vogt-Patterson, Michelle Alexander,

Hayley Armstrong, Jennifer Coy and Kyle Zamcheck   in  Sing Muse

Outstanding Media Design

Lowell Bartholomee Vodka, Fucking and Television

Outstanding Cast Performance

Sing Muse VORTEX Repertory Company

Outstanding Ensemble Performance

Jennifer Underwood and Dennis Bailey (parents) Qualities of Starlight

Outstanding Young Performer

a tie:

John Austin (Zeus as youth, Hades, Ganymede) Zeus in Therapy

Vincent Hooper (Youth) Passing Strange

Outstanding Puppetry

The Cruel Circus Trouble Puppet Theater Company

Special Certificates

Community outreach and accessibility in The Edge of Peace UT Department of Theatre and Dance

Being the Piano Man in 33 Variations Anton Nel

Props in Qualities of Starlight Helen Parish

Community involvement for Crab the Dog cross-promotion

in Two Gentlemen of Verona Something for Nothing Theater

Rudy Kloptic Award for Outstanding Work in Improvisational Theater

(nominated by the artistic directors of Austin’s improvisational theaters)

The Suitcase (The Institution Theater)

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