Wednesday, November 6, 2013

kidsActing presents "Frankenstein, " Center Stage Austin, December 8 - 15, 2013

kidsActing Austin TXFrankenstein KidsActing Austin TX

This zany, yet heart-warming play is a story about finding your place in the world and is filled with weird science, angry townspeople, crazy characters like the twins Igor and Eyegore, Frau Blucher, Victor Frankenstein, his Creature, and a host of other unusual, yet funny folks including a a talking frog, vampire, werewolf, mummy and more. Adventure, mystery and plenty of laughs! Fun for the entire family!

Performances run Dec. 8th - 15th at Center Stage Texas, 2826 Real Street, Austin TX 78722. 
Performance times vary by date.

For tickets, please visit

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For further information , please visit our new website at or call (512)836-5437

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