Sunday, November 3, 2013

Audition for Short Film 'When I'm Old' by University of Texas student Rachel Gutknecht, Austin, November 7, 2013

Casting and Crew Call for Austin, Texas HD Student Short Film “When I’m Old” 

Auditions November 07, 2013 at University of Texas, CMB building, 4th floor, studio 4B
Two-day shooting schedule starting November 16, 2013 

Producer: Achilles Moralis Writer and Director: Rachel Gutknecht
Additional Attached Cast/Crew: Ivy Chui, Wendy Womack, Dane Hurt, Marshal Coupus 

When I'm Old Rachel Gutknecht University of Texas
They say the best conversations take place in a car. Is it the thrill of the road? Or the idea of being ‘locked in’ a convo? Many beautiful life and character defining moments are set in a car– but some not so beautiful. Here I track the growth over the years of a small family in a car. We are all stuck on this road called life, but some people get out sooner than others. 

Character Breakdowns: 

Mom Age: 30-35 (acceptions can be made) Witty, selfless, and doesn’t take life too seriously until Caleb gets sick. She is a friend of her children, but she can always make shift to an authority figure in times of need. She has had life experience although she is younger than most moms. She has no husband, for he left her right after she got pregnant with Caleb. She couldn’t be happier for her kids are all she needs. 

Rylee 2-4 Rylee 11-13 Rylee 16 Rylee has mostly a teenage mindset but absolutely loves her family no matter what. I want to see what the actresses have in mind for her personality it will determine the part. 

Caleb age: 2-4 Caleb 6-9 Caleb 13-15 Caleb loves his family and really looks up to his sister. Always positive. He gets sick and dies towards the end of the film. 

Crew Needed (non-paid): Sound Recorder ( o pay but I will provide equipment and it will be a blast) 

Compensation: DVD Copy Meals/Lodging/Transportation/Snacks and Beverages 

*Email Your Casting Submissions To Please provide a headshot and why you are interested as well as any questions. I will send you the script as soon as I can. I am really excited for this, this is the most friendly crew I have put together so everyone is in great hands. The family of three– 1 mom, 1 daughter (oldest), and 1 son- all very witty and sarcastic, but their love is so strong. If you have seen Gilmore Girls… think of that humor. 

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