Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Auditions in San Antonio for Texas HS Football Musical, Prosumer International November 10, 2013pr

Prosumers San Antonio Varsity Nights is a new musical set in the atmosphere of Texas high school football and tells the story of real teen issues...such as bullying, fitting in, popularity, relationships, and empowerment. This musical is a mixture of VARSITY BLUES, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, MEAN GIRLS, BRING IT ON, GLEE and DEGRASSI. 
Prosumers is currently seeking cast for the demo CD recording, Texas workshop production and full scale production in NYC. Auditions will take place on Nov 10 in San Antonio. Please let us know what you're availability is for Nov 10. Auditions will consist of reading from the script and singing 2 songs accapella: a Broadway and Pop song.

Here's a run down of schedule:

Nov 16 or 17, Cast meeting and read through

Nov 21-22, vocal rehearsal in San Antonio Texas

Nov 23-24, CD recording in Blanco Texas

Dec 20, rehearsal for promo night and concert in San Antonio

Dec 21, promo night and concert in San Antonio

Jan-May, rehearsals on Sat or Sun, based on cast availability (San Antonio and Austin)

May 15-21, travel to NY to perform show as part of bullying prevention conference

If you're interested in being considered for this project, please send headshot and resume to

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