Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ongoing: Salomé by Oscar Wilde, Austin Drama Club, November 5 - 21

Received directly:

Hello Theatre Fans,
The Austin Drama Club welcomes you to come enjoy the underground biblical hit from so long ago......

by Oscar Wilde

November 5 - 21, Thursdays - Saturdays, 8 p.m.
Austin Drama Club

Do you remember the story about the John the Baptist, the guy who gave Jesus the idea to dunk heads under water as a sign of spiritual re-birth? Do you remember how John the Baptist met his maker and why? It had to do with one hot, lit babe called Salomé who because of her pervert of a dad, King Herod, does a little dance and gets what she wants tonight as the moon turns a bloody red.

Back in the day Oscar Wilde was the bomb playwright. His plays stand the test of time and most are of the light, farcical nature. Salomé was his private play for close friends and those he could trust with secrets. Oscar later did some time in a brutal English prison for confessing his gentle disposition and his weakness for young men. Up until then had been seen in the best of society and had adapted quite well. Wit and play writing were the focus of his life and he had no interest in political martyrdom.

Salomé was first performed by the Austin Drama Club in August of 08. The vision for the show belongs to poet Casey Allen who returns as director with most of the original cast. Casey turns King Herod's bash into a costume party where Herod (Christopher Harris) comes as Elvis. Casey plays John, the doomed prophet. Erin Jo E. is his angry wife. Kat Eason returns as their daughter Salomé with a dance of the 7 veils not to be missed.

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