Sunday, November 29, 2009

Opinion: Kirk Tuck on Photographing the Theatre (Rockin' Christmas Party at Zach Scott, November 27 - December 27

UPDATE: Robert Faires' review for the Austin Chronicle, December 24

UPDATE: Zach Theatre posts on its blog 67 of Kirk Tuck's photos from his shoot of a final dress rehearsal of Rockin Christmas party, December 11

UPDATE: GACA "A-Team" reviews of A Rockin' Christmas Party, December 2

UPDATE: Review by Rob Faubion of the 16th annual presentation of A Rockin' Christmas Party,, December 2

In his posting "At The Theatre with a Camera and a Big Lens" on November 28, Austin photographer Kirk Tuck discusses equipment, settings and challenges of photographing a dress rehearsal with no interruptions to "stop" the action. He provides examples from his recent session with the Zach Theatre's
Rockin' Christmas Party.

Tuck adds,

I suggest you head out and support your local theaters during the holidays. Live theater is something special. And while not as polished as a movie or a television show there is a tremendous value in the unexpected and the energy of live performances. Many theaters depend on the holiday cash flow to help subsidize chancier work during the rest of the year. And if we let theaters die off all we'll be left with is television and YouTube. Don't you want a nice excuse to get out of the house?

Click on the image (© Kirk Tuck, 2009) to view a larger version.

Read more and view other images at Kirk Tuck's blog, The Visual Science Workshop.

For Zach's video of the 2008 Rockin' Christmas Party, go to . . . .

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