Monday, November 16, 2009

Reviews from Elsewhere: Letter to the Editor, Austin Statesman, November 15

Published in today's Austin Statesman:

A little more modesty

I attended a recent production of Spring Awakening at Bass Concert Hall . There was some good music and a touching love story, but the experience was spoiled for me by the explicit scenes of masturbation and sexual intercourse.

I believe if people behaved this way at Zilker Park on a Sunday afternoon, they would be arrested for public lewdness.

I have stopped going to Zachary Scott Theatre because of scenes such as a man urinating against a wall and an entire play featuring nude baseball players. Maybe I am out of step with the times if this is acceptable.

Thank goodness for Austin Playhouse, where you can still see a good play and excellent acting and where the actors keep their clothes on.

Cindy Brandt


Notes from AustinLiveTheatre:

The Spring Awakening national touring company was booked at Bass Concert Hall by the UT Performing Arts Center, October 20 - 25. The company's PR firm offered free tickets for the opening to AustinLiveTheatre. ALT declined. ALT's focus is theatre produced in and around Austin by companies and groups established here.

Zach Theatre's next offerings are their popular perennial productions of Rockin' Christmas Party and David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries, both opening on November 27. The naked baseball players must have been onstage before I arrived in Austin.

Austin Playhouse is opening Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap on November 20, running until December 20.


  1. I didn't see it, but I'm assuming the baseball play is "Take Me Out".

    Reminds me of when I walked into UpRise! productions "Windows". They had signs all around the ticket booth about the explicit language, content and violence the play contained.

    Then some people walked in with their kids.

    Then those people walked back out with their kids.

  2. Art isn't limited to PG rated performances. Perhaps you should do more research before you go see a play with subject matter that will surely offend you. "Spring Awakening" is about just that, the sexual "awakening" of youth and adults and youths alike coming to terms with that, openly (and with song!), which naturally includes sex and masturbation.
    Art is meant to mimic life, and in life there are scenes of sex and other explicit behavior- don't condemn the theatres for producing shows that show those things- just don't go.