Monday, November 2, 2009

Reviews from Elsewhere: Spooky Shakespeare, Austin Shakespeare, October 30

From the feature by Layne Lynch, with photo by Derek Stout and quotes from Christina Gutierrez of UT, dramaturg to the production:

"The venue’s location, The Curtain Theater on Coldwater Canyon, is much like a hidden treasure chest. The stage, a replica of the original Curtain Theatre used in Elizabethan times, is worth marveling at — it is a stage similar to one Shakespeare would have used.

". . . . the play isn’t a collaboration of all of the characters into one large, chaotic production. In fact, each scene is central to the play it originally appeared in, and every scene differs from the one before. Even though they seem unrelated to each other, they share an eerie nature and are, at times, emotionally haunting."

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Click for full text at the Daily Texan Online.

Click for Dan Viotto's comments on October 28 dress rehearsal, published by "Standouts from the dress rehearsal were Justin Scalise, as previously mentioned, in his dual role as Hamlet and the ghost of his father, Alejandro McDonald-Villareal as Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a hilarious portrayal of Falstaff by Casey Weed, although, much of the audience response it seems came from what appeared to be his family members."

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