Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Upcoming: A Matter of Taste by Basion Carboni, late nights, November 12 - 21

Received directly from author/producer/director Bastion Carboni:

. . . wanted to notify you of Poison Apple Initiative's remounting of

A Matter of Taste

(new and improved). The straight deets, as they say, are these:

Boy lives with girl. Girl comes home early and walks in on boy shaving the leg of a corpse. Other girl on-again-off-again dates boy. Girl finds boy in bed with his sister. A raucous cycle of short, acrid comedies about suicide, cannibalism, racism, and the perils of visceral reactions. And performance art.

Nov. 12-14/ 19-21 at 11 p.m. (you're gonna be out anyway. Might as well get cultured pre-inebriation).
at The Off Center (2211 Hidalgo)
Cost: $10

Click to view ALT review of A Matter of Taste and other pieces by Bastion Carboni done at the FronteraFest, January 2009

Click here or on image to enlarge (so as to read the notes on the fridge)(.pdf 2.6MB)

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