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Reviews from Elsewhere: Chaoses, The Broccoli Project, UT, reviewed by The Daily Texan

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Plan II players engage complex plot

By Gerald Rich
Daily Texan Staff
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photo: Jordy Wagoner/The Daily Texan
In the picture Kyle Evora plays the character Felipe in The Broccoli Project’s latest production, “Chaoses,” written and directed by Plan II Honors student Hannah
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As audience members slowly trickled into the Burdine auditorium early Saturday night and chatted before the show, suddenly, and without any change in stage lighting, a planted cast member jumped up from the audience and began prefacing the play.

The audience is left to wonder where reality stops and the fiction begins in “Chaoses,” the latest play by Plan II student organization The Broccoli Project.

“Not only is it a play within a play, it’s like a play within a play within a play. There are plots crossing over, bending and interweaving,” said writer/director and Plan II junior Hannah Bisewski. “It speaks to how immutable that line is between reality and fiction. The characters in pieces of fiction, whether it’s a conscious effort or not, are always trying to transcend the limits of their own fiction.”

The play begins with a present-day journalist wishing to move away from the stark realism of news reporting. He sets out to write a slightly fictionalized yet reality-based memoir. The journalist then visits an elderly couple and begins to listen to the husband’s hilariously risque ramblings about his princess falling in love with a pirate. Although these ramblings initially seem like pure fantasy, the audience slowly learns that the stories actually lie somewhere in between fiction and reality.

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