Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wait Until Dark, Gaslight Baker Theatre, October 30 - November 14

Harry Roat is a really, really mean guy. In this Gaslight Baker Theatre production of Wait Until Dark, David Young plays Roat with alarming, menacing stillness as he snares two minor ex-cons into the hunt for a lost shipment of heroin, setting them up as potential fall guys for a murder that Roat himself has just committed.

Yes, this is the one about Suzy, the blind woman that the bad guys are trying to confuse and to push into turning over the McGuffin of the piece, a doll that is packed with the purest smack going.

Suzy's husband, nice-guy former Marine Steve agreed to carry the doll from the Montreal airport to New York as a favor to an unknown woman. We're talking 1966 here, when folks were a lot more trusting and Halloween hadn't yet been tarnished by tales of poisoned candy.

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