Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Images: Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw, Austin Playhouse, January 22 - February 21

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Images by Christopher Loveless, received directly from Austin Playhouse,



by George Bernard Shaw
January 22 - February 21
Austin Playhouse

The action unfolds in the garden room of John Tarleton’s Surrey estate. Tarleton is an underwear magnate and one of the newly wealthy merchant class. As the play opens, Tarleton’s daughter Hypatia is engaged to Bentley Summerhays, the intellectual son of Lord Summerhays, who once asked Hypatia to marry him. Tarleton’s son Johnny runs the family business, while his father indulges his own wild ideas and establishes free libraries around England.

"The domestic tranquility is interrupted by a plane crash in the backyard, delighting Hypatia, who has always longed for “adventure to drop out of the sky.” The plane carries a dashing young aviator who catches Hypatia’s eye [pictured: Lara Toner and Jason Newman], as well as Lina Szczepanowska, a Polish acrobat whose family tradition demands that she risk her life at least once a day. Lina catches the eye of almost every man. Adding to the mix is another unexpected guest, a gun-wielding clerk who is bent on revenge for Tarleton’s careless treatment of his mother. During the course of the play no fewer than eight romantic proposals are revealed, but which ones will last and which will prove to be misalliances?"

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  1. I bought 3 tickets for my dad's birthday to this play. It was an $80 nightmare. I counted at least 5 people asleep in the seats, and found myself having a hard time with it. The acting was good, but it rambled on. Absolutely no plot, just banter. That's it. Who likes this play? Definitely one of Shaw's lesser know, and rightfully so. We had to leave at intermission or endure another hour of hell. You can't just talk on stage and charge $28 per person. It should at least be entertaining.