Sunday, January 3, 2010

Upcoming: One Man's Music, Vince Bell at Frontera Fest, January 23, 25, 26 30

UPDATE: Tony Gallucci's review of Vince Bell's book and CD, published at his "Milk River Blog," January 21

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FronteraFest 2010 Long Fringe at the Blue Theatre
January 23, 25, 26 and 30

"I've grown up in music, worked to distraction in music, married unsuccessfully in music, and I've been at it for several wifetimes."

So says Vince Bell in One Man's Music: A Monologue with Song, the new one-man show that he brings to Austin in January as part of FronteraFest 2010. "Most of the heavy lifting in my play happens in the alleyways of Austin," says Bell, who lived there for 15 years. "I played in every ice-cream parlor and headquarters in Austin. My early music career was smeared across the intersection of Riverside and I-35, and a decade of rehab happened on Providence Street, in a house I bought from one of Willie's crew."

The 50-minute monologue, which includes six songs, is based on his new autobiography, One Man's Music: The Life and Times of Texas Songwriter Vince Bell (University of North Texas Press, April 2009). In tandem with the book and play, Bell also released his fifth CD, a “soundtrack" to both works, called One Man's Music: The Songs.

"Vince Bell has been a stalwart of the Texas singer-songwriter scene since he emerged in Houston in the 1970s," wrote Joe Nick Patoski, author of Willie Nelson: An Epic Life. "He was a rising star until he was almost killed in a car wreck in 1982. A severe head injury effectively wiped out his career. For a while. His determined rehabilitation and subsequent comeback have culminated in a trifecta this year: an album, a one-man play, and a wonderful book that tells the tale.... a fine book about Texas music, the singer-songwriter tradition, and a personal journey that ends triumphant in the here and now."

Also on the Vince Bell front, Lyle Lovett covered Bell’s “Sun & Moon & Stars” on his new album and is opening concerts on his current tour with the song.

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