Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Collection by Harold Pinter, Hyde Park Theatre, September 17 - October 3

First of all, you are NOT going to get to see Joey Hood frolicking naked in a bathtub. That's just the way it goes. The Collection is not that kind of play. I guess that photo was just to good to pass up.

Ken Webster's a Harold Pinter man. During Hyde Park Theatre's FronteraFest of short stage pieces back in January, the usual program of five thirty-minute pieces came up short when a couple of performers cancelled at the last minute. WKen hustled and got performers from a Long Fringe piece to provide an excerpt from their piece. For the remaining slot, he appeared himself, reading Pinter's stern Nobel Prize acceptance speech. One didn't have to agree with Pinter's adamantly leftist, anti-government sentiments to appreciate the eloquence of the text or the restrained ferocity with which Webster delivered it.

So it's no surprise that to see Pinter's The Collection mounted by Ken and his collaborators. "Fellow travelers" would be an appropriate term if it didn't have a McCarthyesque tinge. After all, Webster and the Hyde Park Theatre just celebrated his 30th anniversary of theatre work in Austin.That's a long trip and one hopes that it will go on and on.

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