Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dragonfly Queen, Vortex Repertory, September 5 - 27

The Vortex production of The Dragonfly Queen is a triumph for costume designer Lauren Matesic and for makeup & hair designer Helen Hutka, who also appears onstage.

This is a manga world of eerie creatures locked in mortal combat. The program gives the background about the quest of Princess Mala. It includes a summary of the 2007 Vortex/Ethos production of The Dragonfly Princess, an outline of the 11 years elapsed since then in story time, and a synopsis of the events that you're about to witness.

Let me boil that synopsis down a bit further, avoiding most of the names, drawn from incomprehensible etymologies. (If you need the names to complete your mental history, click on the .pdf of the program at the end of this piece.)

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