Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garage Sale at Geppetto Dreams, September 19-20 and 25-27, 1715 E. 7th Street

Received directly:

Due to the rapidly failing health of our largest benefactor, and the scarcity of grants in the failing economy, Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company is forced to close its doors September 27th 2009.

In the same month that we received our first critics choice for “best place for fluffy dreams” in the Best of Austin edition from our good friends at the Chronicle. Can you spell irony?

But although we will no longer be able to run our workshops, films series, and kids programs, we will still be performing. So help us out by coming to a Garage Sale with items so eclectic, so cool, and so weird you could only find it in Austin ! Make your own fluffy dreams!

On sale from our coffers, stage props, stage risers, light board & dimmer box, folding chairs, tons of blank sock and muppet style puppets, tons of finished sock and muppet style puppets, puppet mouth mechanisms and other assorted puppet guts and pieces, the kids' puppet theater, flats, costumes, doll wigs, glass eyes, etc.

Unfortunately we are also forced to sell of most of our professional puppets from our Goblin Show.

As well as the puppets and rigging from our burlesque puppet show “A Night at Miss Mimi’s.”

Our black light pirate show The Dead Pirate Society and assorted black light/shadow puppets are all up for sale

There is a ton of craft Items such as fun foam, scissors, paints, felt, fabrics, amazing faux fur, pompoms, glue guns, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, sock/muppet puppet fixins, how to and art reference books, office equipment, cameras, video editing computer, work tables, Geppetto Dreams DVDs, show posters, grab bags, a chafing dish, a case of clear plastic forks, an almost new BBQ/smoker, and about 30 evil teddy bears. And that’s just what we’ve put out so far!

In fact there’s so much stuff, and due to the landlady wanting us out in 3 weeks we have added an early extra weekend, so from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sept 19-20 and again on the 25 and 26th at 1715 E 7th St, 78702. You can help us with our quest to bring great puppet theater to the people and visitors of Austin, as all proceeds will help us pay our bills and finance our two upcoming shows.

For info/press photos/ questions, or if you’re a millionaire in need of saving a non-profit you can contact Ricki at or 438 4632 in Austin.

Love your face Austin

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