Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Farewell: Geppetto Dreams

Received directly:

Cutting right to the chase

Due to the rapidly failing health of our largest benefactor, and the scarcity of grants in the failing economy, Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company is forced to close its doors September 27, 2009.

We have had an amazing and memorable 2 years in Austin and wish to thank all of you who supported our quest to bring Puppetry arts to you fine folks.

Although we will be ending our workshops, we do plan to perform two farewell performances, the first (as a troupe with a Puppet Operetta collaboration with Austin’s That Damned Band) in winter of 09 and 1 more in January 2010 which will be my personal final performance as a puppeteer with a show based on the last hours of the life of Dr Hunter S Thompson. Both of these shows were in pre-production stage so we’d like to still perform them for you before we go. We’ll make sure we send out the dates and hope that you will attend.

Also we will be having an all day Garage sale Saturday September 26th to sell off a lot of the chairs, tables, art supplies, workshop equipment, and movie editing computers, art, puppets, props, and toys. WE will be holding it at the center 1715 E 7th st on Austin ’s Eastside. The money raised will go to stage the last two shows and pay the rest of the bills.

On a personal note, for those who didn’t know I don’t live in Austin , I live outside of Dallas. Because Dallas has Ricki issues, and no sense of humor, I’ve spent the last 2½ years making that long three hour trek through the hills to share my dreams with this incredible city. You were worth every mile… even the summer the air conditioning went out in my truck. So because of that I’d like to say thank you for all the love, friends, and general weirdness I’ve found in this town. If you have any questions on the garage sale or the upcoming farewell performances please call me at 512 358 4632 Wed – Sat…

Love your faces Austin

Ricki (Geppetto) Vincent
Artistic Director
And the rest of the troupe
of the
Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company

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