Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcoming: Julius Caesar, Emily Ann Theatre, Wimberley, October 2- 24

Update: Click for ALT review, October 14

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Julius Caesar

Emily Ann Theatre, Wimberley

October 2-3, 9-10, 16- 17, 23-24
8:00 p.m., The EmilyAnn Theatre
Cost: Adults $15.00 & Students $10.00 (children under 5 free) Cost for Groups: 10 or more attending together $12.00/each

Tickets available by clicking here or at the door.

Julius Caesar explores political power and the effects it has on all of those it touches. The ruling and recently victorious peers of Caesar, even the true and noble Brutus, turn against him by a manipulative and cunning Cassius, only to be eventually avenged by the passionate and persuasive Antony. Ego, pride, love, jealousy, tyranny, friendship, murder, suicide, and mystical signs of foreboding are just some of the themes and motifs you will encounter while watching this production of Julius Caesar, one of Shakespeare's most beloved history plays.

The production, featuring many of Austin's favorite actors, is directed by Bridget Farias.

Performed in a superb outdoor amphitheatre just east of Wimberley town center, at 1101 FM 2325.

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