Tuesday, September 1, 2009

El Channel, Latino Comedy Project at Center Stage, August 21 - 29

I had expected to like this show a lot more than I did.

I'd seen and really appreciated the clever videos spots in which Guillermo Deleon as the "BC -- born citizen" compares notes with Adrian Villegas, as the "Mex" illegal. You can catch them either at the Latino Comedy Project website or on YouTube. They ran on MTV and they've been nominated for an Emmy award.

In those one-minute sketches, each gets to shine. For example, in the one on "travel," Deleon plays the self-important yuppie citizen, progressively more appalled as Villegas cheerfully details, mostly in Spanish, the vicissitudes of crossing the border.

It's irreverent, fast and funny. If you don't speak Spanish, you see Villegas do his wild pantomime and babble; if you do speak Spanish, it's even better. Click on the image to take the ride.

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