Friday, September 4, 2009

El Cielo Nuestro. . . Que Se Va A Caer, Proyecto Teatro at Dougherty Arts Center, August 28 - September 6

Proyecto Teatro's imaginative production telling of an environmentally "Chicken Little"-type story is a delight. It runs again this weekend at the Dougherty Arts Center.

The clever costumes alone are worth the modest price of admission to this all-Spanish-language frolic, where adults pay $8 and children only $2. Director Luis Ordaz and actor Guicha Gutiérrez have a wild sense of shape, color and transformation that the images here can suggest only approximately.

The company's physical language in creating these characters, mostly birds, is remarkable. Preening, puffing, quivering and sailing across the stage, they create a play that approaches the status of a talking ballet.

The glimmering, glistening, be-winged and emphatically well-spoken Hada (Fairy) played by Wendy Espinosa welcomes the audience, coaches the children and comments on the action throughout. As in the familiar fairy tale we meet a progressive accumulation of barnyard and woodland creatures with whimsically rhyming names, beginning with Pollito Fito (the chick, played by Jesús Garcia).

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