Monday, October 4, 2010

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Wimberley Players, September 24 - October 17

John Dearington, Angela Irvine Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Wimberley Players

The charming musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers now playing on weekends at the Wimberley Players' stage makes me think of the waggish definition of a "theatre classic": something that's really good but that no one does any more.

Director Lee Colée Atnip has been working since February with members of this cast of 37, and that preparation pays off. Both the players and the members of the preview audience last week were having a tremendous time with this frontier tale.

The cast performs the show to recorded musical accompaniment, which provides players less discretion than with a live orchestra and musical director. But with that many performers packed in the wings, the Players would've had nowhere to put live musicians. The choreography is vigorously entertaining, especially for the town social that winds up in a comic brawl.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has an MGM brightness to it, which should not surprise, because that's where it came from.

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