Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upcoming: Don't Date A Banker by Dana Barney at the Hyde Park Theatre, November 11 - 20

Received directly:

Don't Date a Banker by Dana Barney, Austin Texas

Don't Date A Banker

written & directed by Dana Barney
November 11 - 13 and 18 - 20, 8 p.m.
at the Hyde Park Theatre, 511 W. 43rd Street

a 90-minute play about the current economic crisis going on in our country. The story follows Jules Seltzer as she learns about the values of love - and money.

It’s The Economy... that’s making people frugal. but is that what we really want?

FRUGALITY!!! what about all those nice dinners in the city or that great company car - that’s what life’s about. First Recession, then Recovery and more Recovery. Pay off that credit card?!? I don’t think so. With money, we have everything we could ever imagine we ever needed. It’s the bedrock of our existence!

Shakey economy? Money owed on that high interest credit card? So what! That’s what credit cards are for!

featuring Sydney Andrews and Frederick Winkler

Sidney Andrews in Don't Date A Banker

Frederick Winkler for Don't Date A Banker

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