Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti, Austin Playhouse, January 27 - February 26

Boeing Boeing Austin Playhouse

by Catherine Dribb

Prepare For Takeoff! Austin Playhouse Is Flying Farce Class!

Boeing Boeing, or boing boing as the case may be, with actors bouncing all over the stage and in and out of doors, is a modern farce written by Marc Camoletti in the classic French style. Directed by Don Toner, it is running now until February 26 in the tent at Mueller that is Austin Playhouse’s temporary home.

Boeing Boeing is an uplifting tale of love, but not just because it features three airline stewardesses. Camoletti and British translator Beverly Cross were careful to balance the chauvinistic egoism that rules leading man Bernard’s carefully calculated love life with the Parisian mantra of love. There’s no Prufrock in Paris with Bernard who is played by David Stokey. His abundant confidence is communicated in the first scene as he records in his timetables when fiancĂ©e number one (the American) will leave (in just a few minutes) and return (on Monday).

Janet, is from the So-uth (yes, that’s two syllables) and Lara Toner does the character with her suitably Southern drawl and hair-do. Janet wants only the best of the best in life: a millionaire husband. Unbeknownst to Bernard, Janet matches him in her frivolous attitude toward marriage. She prefers practising kissing on the couch with Bernard’s old school pal Robert, just arrived in Paris, to monogamy or marriage.

Robert, played by Zach Thompson has accepted Bernard’s invitation to stay with him until he finds his own place. He quickly learns of his old school chum’s unique lifestyle. Juggling three airline stewardesses who will never run into each other thanks to that handy dandy airline log, sets Bernard, and now Robert who’s in on the secret, up for a big… well… farce.

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