Monday, February 27, 2012

Call for Asian American Actors and for Techs: Cheese by Irwin Tang, Lucky Chaos Theatre, Asian American Performance Art Collective

Lucky Chaos Theatre Austin (chaos image by Erika Thornpe via - Auditions and Tech Call for LuckyChaos Asian American theater

Lucky Chaos Theater, a sponsored project of the Austin Asian American Arts Collective (AAAC), announces the premiere of Irwin Tang’s original play Cheese. Cheese is a heartwarming and hilarious tale of a Chinese American family set in small-town Texas in the 1980s. Director: Estevan Chuy Zarate The show runs April 13th to 21st (Fri/Sat)

[image: Chaos by Erika Thorpe via]

Character Breakdown
NOTE: For the Shiu family, the breakdown refers to the ethnicity of the characters, not necessary the ethnicity of the actors.

Mr Shiu -- male 40s to 50s, Chinese descent, Chinese accent
Mrs Shiu -- female 40s to 50s, Chinese descent, Chinese accent
Irvine Shiu -- male, 14, Chinese descent (Looking for actor 18 and over)
Berkerley Shiu -- female, 13, Chinese descent (Looking for actor 18 and over)
Mr. Wallace -- male 30s to 60s, any ethnicity

Respond via Craig's list posting of February 27. Craig's list PostingID: 2873595345.

Also looking for tech personnel for lighting, sound, stage manager and stage hands. Some positions are paid. Please email for more information. [ALT note: this domain may not yet be functioning; also try]

AAAC is a nonprofit based in Austin, TX. Our mission is to promote and support original works by Asian American artists, or works about the Asian American experience, especially but not limited to performance and visual arts.

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