Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cambiare's Kickstarter Appeal for the Final Push for Messenger No. 4, February 29


As of 4:30 p.m. on February 29, with five days left before the deadline friends of Cambiare Productions including Austin Live Theatre had pledged 88.9 percent of the company's Kickstarter goal of $4000 in support for Messenger No. 4. Here's Travis Bedard's thank-you video at the half-way mark. Below that is the company's explanation and further appeal for help in completing the funding (everything goes away if the $4000 goal isn't reached by the deadline). Click here or on the Kickstarter logo to go to the Messenger No. 4 project page.


After more than a year of work we are down to the final weekend of
Messenger No. 4 (or... How to Survive a Greek Tragedy) at the Blue Theatre.
If you are in the Austin area we hope you've been able to visit us (you still have a chance!). if you're not, we're sorry that you haven't been able to share this with us. It really is something.

As many of you are aware we've been running a
Kickstarter fundraiser to cover the non-discretionary portion of our budget and ensure that Cambiare Productions lives to fight another day.

I don't know of a single artist who likes asking for help in any way, but asking for financial help in particular feels like failing.

We haven't asked for personal donations since our first production Transformations and are only asking now because the economic climate has reduced City of Austin funding to the bare minimums.

Cambiare was one of 16 itinerant theatre companies in the City of Austin to be awarded grants in this fiscal cycle, but the grant funding was so slight that we declined it.

We decided instead to ask for a grant from our own advocates. From the folks who have supported us from the beginning, who've sat with us in diners and listened to our crazy ideas, or sewed costumes freshman year of high school. From the folks who share in our joys when we succeed, lend an ear when we fail, and hold us accountable when we're not sure.

Many of you have already given and I can't thank you enough for your support. The outpouring has been humbling. With 5 days remaining we have reached just over 80% of our goal. If we don't reach the 100% threshold we don't recieve
any of the pledged money so we are reaching out more specifically to ask for help.

We are aware that many of you aren't in a position to give, if that's the case we ask that you tell your friends. If you can only give a little consider this:

One backer has already ensured that if we reach our goal Travis will have to get their name tattooed on his leg.

You want to help make that happen.

Thank you all for everything you have done for us over the years, thank you for the help already given on this project, and thank you for the help you will provide in the future.

Travis, Will, and Amanda

P.S. don't forget to check out Travis' celebratory performance of the Hanson song

P.P.S. Bowties are cool.

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