Monday, February 6, 2012

Upcoming: My Season with the 1966 Astros, Ken Webster at FronteraFest, Hyde Park Theatre, February 8

From Loaded Gun Theory:

Ken Webster My Season with the 1966 Astros Hyde Park TheatreIf your come to see our excerpt from Apocalyptic! on Thursday night (February 9, 8 p.m.) at Hyde Park Theatre (click for map) you will also be treated to a one-man show by Ken Webster. He's won a ridiculous number of awards for his work including numerous one man shows:

My Season With The 1966 Astros

written and performed by Ken Webster

Award-winning actor/director Ken Webster explains his strange obsession with the 1966 Astros. Webster's Twitter Feed @1966Astros (now @1967Astros) started as a diary of the 1966 Houston Astros season as seen through the eyes of Webster's favorite player from childhood, John Bateman. The diary, part fact and part fiction, has been featured in several stories by sportswriters. Webster describes how he became an amateur historian chronicling his favorite team and the year 1966.

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