Monday, February 20, 2012

Upcoming: The Boarding House, Hasty Retreat Productions at Playhouse Smithville, March 9 - 17

Hasty Retreat Productions

presentsLisa Holcomb, Hast Retreat Productions The Boarding House

The Boarding House

by Vern Harden
directed by A.J. Fuex

Playhouse Smithville, 110 Main St., Smithville (click for map)
Tickets $11 available here on-line

Welcome to the Sweet Home Boardinghouse, where life is anything but normal. Miss Harriet runs a clean, cozy home with the help of the none-too-bright and perpetually terrified Tweenie, and accompanied by as zany a cast of boarders as you are likely to meet.

There's Mr. Richards, the poet who practices dying to spark his inspiration. Gladys Klotz is a taxidermist who has a direct line to the spirit world and prefers her men stuffed, while Martha Willis has every imaginable illness, from leprosy to pneumonia to heart palpitations... and loves every minute of it. Poor Hortense tries her best to keep up with Ivy, a free spirited "artist" who enjoys painting people's faces, whether they want to be painted or not.

Finally, the suave and mysterious Dirk Shadow and his sister Veronica have just arrived on the scene to hunt for Captain Schnook's pirate treasure buried in the basement... or is it really just something left over from dinner? Leave it to the clever and ever-vigilant Dr. Snifell to unravel the mystery that will have audiences laughing from beginning to end.

Click to view portraits of the charming but slightly askew residents and guests of the boarding house

Boarding House Hasty Retreat Productions

Assistant Directors: Danne Absher, Alana Adams
Stage Management/Set Design: Richard and Cindy Thompson
Sound and Light Design: AJ Fuex
Cast: Michele Maher, Jamie Damon, Sam Damon, Alana Adams, Danne Absher, Monica Miller, Cindy Thompson, Lisa Holcomb, Susan Keyes, Alicia Gust

By Special Arrangement With Pioneer Drama, Englewood, Colorado


  1. Thanks to all the Folks at for including our play, The Boardinghouse in your listings. Wonderful Live Theatre is available to Patrons not only in Austin, but also in the smaller outlying communities like Smithville and Bastrop. It's so kind of you all to support our efforts. We hope you will have the time to enjoy one of our performances and let us know what you think!

    Thanks again for the listing... we really appreciate it!

    Alana Adams... a.k.a. 'Gladys Klotz'

  2. Both delighted and surprised at "The Boardinghouse". Had I not been so enthralled with last night's performances, I'd've slipped into my standard analytical mode and merely been impressed with the caliber of acting, staging, and levels of pure fun. Never expected this from (my new home) little Smithville. It surpasses most of the theatre I saw when I lived (25 years) in Austin.