Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reviews from Elsewhere: Don't Go in the Hourse, FronteraFest Long Fringe, reviewed by Katherine Craft

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Dark waters: Dan Dietz's Lobster Boy creates theatrical magic at Frontera Fest

By Katherine Craft 02.02.12

Don’t Go In The House, now playing at FronteraFest, presents four one-person plays. One of them is the 2010 Heideman Award winning short by Dan Dietz, Lobster Boy, and the other three, Fear Itself, Dawn of the Drowsy and They're Coming to Get You! are by Lowell Bartholomee of the Rude Mechs. On the surface, the quartet of shows appear to be similar — all have a single white actor on stage, all are monologues, all project images onto an upstage screen and all use the same set piece — a wooden chest strapped to a dolly — in evocative ways.

Of the four, however, Dietz’s Lobster Boy is the only piece that takes the audience into darker, more introspective waters. A man, played by Robert Faires, stands onstage behind a podium, cradling a small stack of note cards as he begins a speech that soon shows itself to be a tragedy.

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