Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Distance Learning from the City: Videos of "Take It To The Next Level" Presentations

Received directly in the monthly e-mail newsletter from the City of Austin Cultural Arts division:

Take it to the Next Level on the Web

Several Next Level presentations are now available to watch online! Look for them on the Channel 6 website. Search for them on the "Videos" tab by title and date. [Warning: audio starts immediately!]

Now available:

Federal Tax Overview for Individual Artists (presented 2/18/10)
Presenter Andrea Beleno of Texas C-BAR explains the tax obligations of self-employed artists, covering tax issues on the local, state, and federal levels, so that individual artists can be in compliance with the applicable laws.

Teaching Artists Webposium (presented 1/29/10)
What do teaching artists need to know, understand, and be able to do to achieve success in a self-contained or inclusion classroom? The panel consists of artists and educators dedicated to making the arts accessible to all students. The panelists discuss practical classroom strategies, lesson plan modifications, as well as the necessary questions to ask in order for everyone (artists, students, teachers, para-professionals, and administrators) to be successful. Panelists included Judith Jellison, Allison Orr, Sherry Snowden, with moderator Russell Granet of the Dana Foundation.

Weathering the Economic Storm (10/9/09)
How is the Austin economic downturn affecting Austin's nonprofit arts and culture sector and the for-profit creative industry sector? How are Austin individual creatives faring? What has been the impact on fundraising (foundation, private giving, earned income revenues, business investment)? Listen to our four panelists discuss these questions - Victoria Corcoran, Bijoy Goswami, Peter Frumkin, Kevin Patterson, with moderator Robert Faires.

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