Sunday, March 21, 2010

Upcoming: Three Radio Plays, Bastrop Opera House, March 26 - 27

Found on-line:

The Bastrop Opera House


Live Radio Theatre

Comedy, Drama, and Mystery
Saturday, March 27 at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, March 28 at 2:30 p.m.

Three one-act plays, written and performed in the 1940's broadcast radio style, with Foley artists Jean Zurow and Dennis Litman providing the live sound effects.

* The Pussycat and the Expert Plumber Who Was a Man a comedy by Arthur Miller, directed by Don Gooding
* Panic in Salem a drama by Wilfrid H. Petitt, directed by Nick Collier
* 12 Skulls Mean Death a mystery by Winston Weathers, directed by Janet Spencer

Attend all three shows for the one low price of only $5.
General admission tickets are available at the door 30-minutes before the show. Rated G.

This venture is a part of Bastrop Opera House's Tourism Development Project for day visitors, tour groups, bus excursions, and special events.

Cast information
The Pussycat and the Expert Plumber Who Was a Man
by Arthur Miller
A comedy directed by Don Gooding with
Bonnie Collier, Chris Bothwell, Dennis Litman, Demetrio Vara, Jean Zurow, Jim Sanders, Nancy Vidotto, Nick Collier, Ronnie McBee, Sam Damon

Panic in Salem
by Wilfrid H. Petitt
A drama directed by Nick Collier with
Bonnie Collier, Danne Absher, Des Devitt, Keaton Holcomb, Lisa Holcomb, Sam Damon, Richard Giro, Sam Damon, Will Holcomb

12 Skulls Mean Death
by Winston Weathers
A mystery directed by Janet Spencer with
Barbara Kelley, Jamie Damon, Joycelyn Schedler, Liz Marshall, Richard Giro, Don Gooding


  1. I heard a lot of good ratings about Austin,Texas and it's economy. How about it's theater industry though? where can I find comments on it?

  2. This is the place, and, in fact, just about the only place: Austin Live Theatre. Look at the associated "" version -- -- and examine, for example, Robert Faires' comments about the year in Austin theatre at and ALT's 1000th post of March 8, a survey of Austin theatre in 2009, at . Come back regularly here (to the blog) or to and browse the calendar at

    regards, and happy theatre-going!