Friday, March 5, 2010

Arts Reporting: Backlash for Upcoming David Mamet Visit

MFA Playwriting candidate Diana Grisanti as a guest commentator on the blog "The Deportee's Wife" attacks the decision of the Ransom Center to host David Mamet for small session workshops with students on March 9-10. She asserts that during a seminar last year Mamet used "hate speech" against Muslims, Arabs and women. UT faculty commented in reply to messages from her and others that student applications for the seminar outran spaces available by 10 to 1.

Excerpt from Grisanti's four-paragraph article of March 5:

Since we have not been heard at UT, we’d like the greater theatre community to know what’s up. Critics of Mamet’s plays and books often chock up the playwright’s incendiary remarks to a bad boy desire to get a rise out of people. I’d like to take it upon myself to excise the euphemisms. David Mamet is a racist and a misogynist, both in his work and his life. Many have forgiven Mamet because of his talent, but his skills as a dramatist have let him get away with murder–literally, if you take into account that hate speech leads to the normalization of bigotry which leads to the waging of foreign wars.

Read full article at the blog "The Deportee's Wife"

[photo: Brigitte Lacombe]

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