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Invitation: Austin Drama Club

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Austin Drama Club seeks actors, band and tech support for next 3 shows
Posted: March 11, 2010

Romeo and Juliet opens in mid April. Rehearsals have been going for a week now. The cast needs one gal to play the Page to Paris (in our version the Page is in love with Paris and pushes him everywhere in his wheel chair and gives Juliet dirty looks), the part has just a few lines. Rehearsals are 4 or 5 nights a week for the next 5 weeks.

Also in rehearsal now is Merchant of Venice. The cast needs 2 dudes who can handle a supporting role in a Shakespeare production. Bassanio (love interest to Portia) and Gratiano (hot head type of dude). The show goes up in May.

Mother Courage is re-cast and re- scheduled to open in June. It is still under the direction of Aaron Lawhon but with a new actress cast in the lead. We are looking at filling 2 parts. A female supporting role, and an actor who can play many small parts. ( great for an improv type actor)

We will work with un-trained, young, in experienced actors if they are willing to do 2 shows (One where you act and the other where you run lights or curtains or house manage).

As for the local skilled actors; we will do whatever possible to help you receive something extra for your time and effort.

We seek camera operators/ live edit directors for all these shows. (you'd be working older equipment but it is in good working order.) In exchange for running our camera/booth to record/live edit our shows we can trade time in our space to shoot your pilot.

We seek house band (can supply pro equipment sans keys and drums) to play a small set after shows. What we want is four dudes who can take small roles in our plays in exchange for a regular gig at 1030pm on Friday and Sat nights in April, May, and June. Also, we will provide some instruments and storage and a rehearsal space for the band (could be great for some guys who want to play shows downtown afterwards). For the sound we are wanting electric but not too loud, soft drums and a small easy set of jazz/blues/pop/Bongwater meets Nico.

Search us on the web to see pictures, videos, rehearsals, and reviews.
Contact us at or you can leave a message by phone 512 236 1092

Contact: Austin Drama Club 512-236-1092

[photo: Japhy Fernandes as Henry V, Austin Drama Club]

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