Friday, March 12, 2010

Upcoming: Of Words and Worms by Jon Cook, UT Lab Theatre, March 25 - 28

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UT Lab Theatre presents

Of Words and Worms
by Jon Cook
directed by Stevi Baston

March 25-28 at 1 p.m.
Free admission, limited seating in the Lab Theatre building, between the Jackson Geological Sciences Building (JGB) and the F. Loren Winship Drama Building (WIN) near 24th and San Jacinto.

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This absurd comedy takes you swirling into a family where crime is as casual as cleaning the bathroom. This absurd comedy by 2nd year BA Jon Cook tells the tale of Starsky, a young man from Lake Charles, Louisiana, a city bank custodian who longs to own and operate his own floral shop. He was born into a family where crime is no stranger.

Starsky's uncle is a murder-hungry Vietnam veteran set on having Starsky as an accomplice in robbing the town bank, while Starsky's mother is a vigilante on the run to Mexico. Facing unemployment, eviction, and poverty, Starsky seeks a refuge for his pet family of worms and an outlet for his gardening hobby, in the midst of crime, corruption, and lies.

The production, directed by 4th Year BA Stevi Baston, will contain live piano performance in the style of New Orleans rag-time jazz, and segments of silent comedy.

Presented as part of The Spring 2010 Lab Theatre Season - contact for more information


STARSKY: A young man in his mid-20s.

PAW: His middle aged West Texan uncle. Vietnam veteran.
VANESSA: Starsky's paranoid, narcissist, drug addict mother; 30-40 y/o.
ENRICO: Vanessa's young Mexican lover.
SLIM MORTON: A song and dance man.
ROBERT CUNNINGHAM: A slogan-happy real estate employee.

Written and produced by Jon Cook
Directed by Stevi Baston
Stage Managed by Maur Sela
Musically Directed by Spencer Garland

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