Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arts Profile: UT Professor of Acting Fran Dorn, by Christina S. Murrey

Found on-line at UT's "Know" website for video work:

Arts & Humanities
Center stage with actor and Professor Fran Dorn
by Christina Murrey
Published: April 2

Fran Dorn, the Virginia L. Murchison Regents Professor in Fine Arts and Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance, leads the Acting Program at The University of Texas at Austin, where she has taught since the spring of 2000. Here, Dorn examines what it means to be an actor, for both her students and herself. With guidance from her students and the never-to-be-taken for granted works of William Shakespeare, Dorn continues to grow as a teacher.

CLICK on image to go to website in order to view slideshow and hear interview (3 min, 23 sec)

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