Sunday, April 11, 2010

Auditions: Dead White Males by William Missouri Downs, Sustainable Theatre Project

Received directly via Twitter:

Wanted for Sustainable Theatre Project's production of the comedy Dead White Males by William Missouri Downs:

three women (average age 40) and two men (average age 50)


Janet is a new teacher at Thomas Paine Elementary. She is certified to teach art, though at Thomas Paine she teaches history. Today is the day she will be given her first evaluation. Evaluating her classsroom are Dr. Ozy Mandias, Principal Pettlogg and Master Teacher Burns, three administrators determined to undermine the educational setting with semantic educational theory and bumbling attempts at politically correct rhetoric. If this day marks the first test of Janet's ability as a teacher, this school year will test her passion to be one.

Janet is assigned a mentor named Doris. Doris has been a teacher of science for some time, despite her certification to teach history. Ms. Woods is another teacher at Thomas Paine Elementary, certified to teach science, yet currently teaching art. The three women, all in different stages of their careers, struggle to keep order in the classroom and composure in administration meetings. Ultimately, they struggle to keep their jobs.

Janet must decide with whom she is allied: the administration or her fellow teachers.

Amidst this turbulence, how can one young albeit passionate teacher have any energy left to accomplish her main purpose: teaching our children?

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