Saturday, April 10, 2010

Upcoming: A Servant of Two Masters by Goldoni, Texas State University, San Marcos,

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A Servant of Two Masters

by Carlo Goldoni
Translated and Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher and Paolo Emilio Landi
Directed by Michael Costello
Main Stage — Theatre Center
April 20 - 24

Carlo Goldoni’s 18th century comic masterpiece The Servant of Two Masters reinvigorated commedia dell'arte and has influenced the great comic actors to the present day. It tells the story of a clever and mischievous servant, Arlecchino, who decides that two paydays are better than one and hires himself out to two different masters at the same time. As he attempts to juggle the demands of two high-strung lovers who have lost each other and are looking for each other in an unfamiliar city (the woman happens to be disguised in men’s clothing), absolute chaos ensues. You’ll find rich characters, broad comedy, and a love story in this classic commedia tale.
[NOTE: Trinity University in San Antonio is also staging Harlequin: The Servant of Two Masters, in a new translation directed by Roberto Prestigiacomo, April 16-18 and 21-24. Click for more information about the Trinity University staging.]

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