Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Can't Take It with You, Trinity Street Players, First Baptist Church, April 15 - 25

Director Rev. Ann Pittman and the Trinity Street Players have put together an accomplished, warm and funny production of Kaufman & Hart's You Can't Take It With You at the 4th floor black box theatre of Austin's First Baptist Church, 901 Trinity Street, downtown.

This affectionate study of a family of distracted amateur would-be artists and entrepreneurs bears the title You Can't . . . but the message is clearly You Can. You can be an artist, a writer, a dancer, a fireworks maker, a master printer -- even if you don't really have much talent for it. One major pleasure of art is the pleasure of creation, without much thought for commercial success or even for an audience, other than for family and friends. That theme fits a lot of Austin's theatre scene, even though the level of talent here is a lot higher than that in the Vanderhof family.

The Trinity Street Players themselves are proof of the theme, as well, for these players, many of them self-confessed neophytes, do a fine job of bringing the Vanderhof clan to life. With Rev. Pittman's assured directing and perceptive casting, they spin the fleece into gold.

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