Saturday, April 3, 2010

The End?: Austin Drama Club and Geppetto Dreams

Received directly, news that:
  • Officials of the City of Austin have ordered Japhy Fernandes and associates in the informal Austin Drama Club to stop offering public performances at the frame house just off E. 7th Street that they've been using since 2003. Last night Fernandes informed the cast, who had been preparing Romeo and Juliet for three weekends of performances beginning April 15. Prospects are dim and uncertain for this underground, underfunded and underappreciated group of Shakespeare lovers.(UPDATE, April 7: The City of Austin has handled this in a very cool way. . . .There is a ray of hope that we might find a new space. Maybe by the fall we'll be doing shows again. [No further information])
  • Ricki Vincent is disbanding the Geppetto Dreams puppet company performance troupe. He writes, "After much soul searching and some craziness I can’t go into just yet, I've decided to disband our performance troupe. I'll be taking down the website at the end of May and since there doesn't seem to be light at the end of the funding tunnel I will most likely be closing Geppetto Dreams at the end of this year… That being the case, a lot of our puppets from past shows are for sale. Some are up on E-bay for auction. Others are here at a set price if you'd like to haggle. All these puppets were made with a lot of care & love and are for sale cheap-cheap-cheap! So check it out and see if there's anything you can use for your shows... Also I still will be building/ writing/designing custom shows and single puppets for other people so if you don't see anything you like let me know what you're looking for and i'll build it just for you... The only limits are your Imagination... Oh... And your budget. For those who wish to keep up with my art or need to contact me at admin AT or just go to my Youtube Channel."

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